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This space provides information on communities of practice around OpenHIE. All communities encourage openess and collaboration when it comes to sharing knowledge. Please get involved where it makes sense for you.

Note: Those communities markedfocus on components that make up the OpenHIE Architecture & Standards.

The OpenHIE community historically has maintained several mailing lists for announcements and communication.

In December 2019 all messages and conversations from groups marked "List Archived" were migrated from Google Groups to OpenHIE Discourse at

About our communities of practice...

The PEPFAR Data Exchange Implementer Community (PEPFAR-DEIC) serve for knowledge sharing between stakeholders involved in data import into DATIM, and to provide them with information on upcoming data exchange offerings

Mailing list:

Meeting info: PEPFAR Data Exchange Implementer Community Calls

The OpenHIE Implementers Network (OHIN) is a forum dedicated to bringing countries and implementers who are working in some of the most challenging environments on the planet together to share questions, problems and ideas so we can work on solutions together.


Mailing "List Archived"

Meeting info: OpenHIE Community Call & OHIN Africa-Asia

The Facility Registry Community (OHIE-FR) is made up of technologists and implementers supporting health facility registries and master facility lists.

Mailing list: "List Archived"

Meeting info: Facility Registry Community Meetings

The Terminology Service Community (OHIE-TS) serves as a central authority to uniquely identify the clinical activities that occur within the care delivery process by maintaining a terminology set mapped to international standards such as ICD10, LOINC, SNOMED, and others

Mailing list: "List Archived"

Meeting info: Terminology Service Community Call

The Health Management Information System Community (OHIE-HMIS) leads the development and deployment of technologies to better manage health information thus providing better patient care.

Mailing list: "List Archived"

Meeting info: Health Management Information System Community Call

The Shared Health Record Community (OHIE-SHR) aims to enable the collection and storage of electronic health information about individual patients in a centralised repository which is capable of being shared across different healthcare settings.

Mailing list: "List Archived"

Meeting info: Shared Health Record Community Call

The Health Worker Registry Community (OHIE-HWR) leads the development and deployment of provider registries, developed using technologies to support a comprehensive database of all providers of health care services in a certain population.

Mailing list: "List Archived"

Meeting info: Health Worker Registry Community Call

The Client Registry Community (OHIE-CR) is focused on technology that provides accurate, reliable and stable identification and de-duplication of individuals and other entities in a variety of contexts. 

Mailing list: "List Archived"

Meeting info: Client Registry Community Calls

 The Interoperability Layer Community (OHIE-IL) aims to enable easier interoperability between Health Information Systems by providing a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing and by designing and developing an interoperability layer that connects the components within the OHIE.

Mailing list: "List Archived"

Meeting info: Interoperability Layer Community Call

The Supply Chain Community (OHIE-SC) is a sub-team that engages with OpenHIE to leverage knowledge from real-world projects and lessons-learned from OpenHIE to explore the use/creation of standards and standard processes that might be used to support healthcare supply chain tasks.

Mailing list: "List Archived"

Meeting Info: Supply Chain Subcommunity Call

The Health Financing towards UHC Community (OHIE-UHC) is focused on identifying health care financing data exchange needs, and working synergistically with the OpenHIE community to ensure that data exchange processes and requirements meet the needs of the health care financing communities.

Mailing list: "List Archived"

Meeting Info: Health Financing towards UHC Call

The Lab Information Systems Community (OHIE-LIS) offers a space for knowledge sharing and collaboration around LIS/LIMS and support efforts to standardize systems for better data sharing.

Meeting Info: Lab Information System Community Call

The COVID-19 Task Force formed in April 2020 in response to the interoperability and data sharing needs of the global community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Meeting Info: COVID-19 Task Force Calls

The Academy Community works together to create and/or share global goods that are focused on increasing the capacity to build and support health information exchange architecture and processes.

Meeting Info: Academy Community Call

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  1. Would suggest we add the MEDIC CR's updated source repository. The MEDIC CR open source community has moved to recently...

    1. Thanks for letting us know Justin.  I went ahead and added MEDIC CR.  In the future feel free to add valuable missing information like this.