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Want to join the call?

Dial Toll Free Number:

  • US: 800-220-9875
  • Norway: 800-142-85
  • Ireland: 800-625-002
  • Canada: 800-221-8656
  • South Africa 0-800-982-555
  • International (Not Toll-free) 1-302-709-8332
  • For additional toll free country numbers click here.

 Access Code 69593570#

**We can dial in any participants who are not able to connect through Skype or one of the above numbers, please email 24 hours in advance to be dialed in.


  • Carl Leitner (IntraHealth)
  • Jamie Thomas (Regenstrief)
  • Jennifer Shivers (Regenstrief)
  • Paul Biondich (Regenstrief)
  • Terry Zagar (Tanzania)
  • Steven Verner (Tanzania)
  • Vladimer Shioshvili (Measure Evaluation)
  • Mark DeZalia (OGAC)
  • Jenny Ward (OGAC)
  • Denise Johnson (ICF)
  • Rachel Lucas (USAID)
  • Jacob Buehler (USAID)
  • Saad Khan (USAID)
  • Briana Lozano (CDC)
  • Ryan Crichton (Jembi)
  • Lorinne Banister (Regenstrief)
  • Mike Gehron (OGAC)
  • James Kariuki (CDC)
  • David Poreda (PwC)
  • Manish Kumar (MEASURE Evaluation)
  • Lungowe Mwapela (CDC-Zambia)
  • Amy Handler (MEASURE Evaluation)
  • Jason Knueppel (CDC)
  • Michael Mwebaze (JSI/MEASURE Evaluation)
  • Arthur Kachemba (CDC-Zambia)
  • Otse Ogorry (USAID/Nigeria)
  • Jason Pickering (University of Oslo)
  • Mounkaila A. Billo (USAID/Nigeria)
  • Stacey Berlow (Project Balance)
  • Josephine Mungurere-Baker (BAO)\
  • Sam Wambugu (MEASURE Evaluation)
  • Roll Call and Welcome to the Community (Denise and Manish) 
  • Introduction to OHIE (Paul) 
  • Data Import (Manish)
  • Data Exchange (Denise)
  • Community Discussion (All)
Mailing List
Subscribing to the calendar
Add to Outlook, iCal or other calendar applications by copying the link below and following the instructions -
Roll Call and Welcome to the Community (Denise and Manish) 
  • Amy Handler will be the Community Manager
  • The vision of the PEPFAR data exchange is for data to be collected once, and to be used by many. 
  • Developer under Open Health Information Exchange (OpenHIE) - a communities of communities
Introduction of OHIE (Paul)
  • OpenHIE is a community of practice to help countries develop a health information exchange
  • OHIE.ORG is a website to help you get in touch with the larger OpenHIE initiative.  
Data Import (Manish)
  • Deadline for validated data import files for APR: November 6, 2015
  • Any requests that require a formal response from the DATIM help desk should be submitted to DATIM Support, not posted to the community forum
  • Please use the community forum for sharing best practices and assisting each other with developing data import files
Data Exchange (Denise)
  • IP Monthly Version - Will be available this month
  • allows monthly data reporting; supports aggregation to quarterly reporting and sychronizing with DATIM on mechanisms, sites and indicators. 
  • Denise will share announcement with the mailing list
Data Exchange Version  
  • standards-based approach 
  • Uses the IHE aggregate data exchange profile, ADX 
  • Should be seeing DATIM specific resources over the next month
  • Starting with MER and then moving to SIMS 
  • The data exchange versio is also working on syncing data points using standards and automated transactions - resources out in the next several months
  • There will be some work for third-party systems to implement the standards necessary to exchange data
  • We will have community calls in the future to talk about the details and specifics around all of these topics.
  • Community Discussion (All)
  • What do people want to see from the community and how do they want to participate?  
  • There is another call at this time with a simalr topic so it would be good to take that into consideration and align with that group.
  • BL - Scrum call about SIMS issues
  • PB - Messages from PROMIS to PEPFAR. Are there other groups that are interested in this?
  • TZ - There is a plan to do a demonstration to show different hookups, want to be able to confirm that they work together 
  • Jason - only have two out of 7 clinical partners that can work electronically and want to avoid parallel system, but Moz is interested in working towards having partners conducting data exchange 
  • Denise - What information are you hoping to get from this call or the next serise of calls?  
  • Ali-need to see how ADX standard impacts data export in DHIS2
  • MG - keeping community up to date on new data elements
  • TZ - Agree and want to include an "as of" date that tells when an indicator has been added or changed so that we can see adds or changes immediately
  • Serenita-show what countries have done and especially "newbies" to the call
  • PB - Important for implementers to help the team understand what you need so that we can support you and talk about your topic on this call
  • DJ - We want to all move forward together and we hope that you will readh out through the mailing list and other channels to share your ideas on what is needed
  • SV - Interested in fully automating with the DATIM team.  We are interested in topics related to synchronization of metadata (indicators) 
  • JS - will have documentation on how a system can integrate with DATIM
  • MG - would like to hear people share there expereinces and lessons learned ( validation scripts) so people can use that information in their wn projects
  • SB - Working with a team and would love to do data exchange with DHIS2 and another system called "Wana".  I'm not sure who to reach out to concerning specific topics.  Is there a way to have a roster of who has what experiese?  
  • JT - possible suggestions for communicating with the broader group - update profiles on the wiki and you could also email the mailing list with any questions
  • PB - there are lots of ways to support getting to know each other from a technology perspective, but maybe we can do a survey or something to collect data about each person's expertise and interests 
NEXT Call on October 21 - Invitations Forthcoming
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