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OpenSHR CDA Implementation
Technical documentation related to the implementation of Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) within OpenMRS for the OpenSHR project. OpenSHR is a sub-community of the OpenHIE ProjectTechnical Documentation
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Introduction to Cross-enterprise Document Sharing
1.2. Introduction to Clinical Document Architecture
1.3. Clinical Documents in OpenSHR
1.4. Third Party Toolkits
1.4.1. OpenMRS
1.4.2. MARC-HI Everest Framework 1.1.0
1.4.3. DCM4CHE
2. Interfacing with OpenSHR
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Sending Documents to OpenSHR
2.3. Retrieving Documents from OpenSHR
3. Clinical Document Implementation
3.1. General Implementation Notes
3.1.1. Identifiers
3.1.2. Codified Data
3.1.3. Representation of Time
3.2. CDA Document Implementation
3.2.1. Document Implementation Details
3.2.2. Implemented Document Templates
3.3. CDA Section Constraints
3.3.1. Section Implementation Details
3.3.2. Implemented Section Templates
3.4. CDA Entry Templates
3.4.1. Entry Implementation Details
3.4.2. Implemented Entry Templates

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