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This document is in draft form to be reviewed by community members. The perspectives identified in this draft are have not been approve and do not reflect the view of the group.


This page defines the point of service perspective for OpenHIE implementers. This page aims to define the perspective and implications for point of service implementers utilizing mobile, clinic, HMIS, Lab and Hospital systems as outlined in the graphic below:

Core Principles

The Point of Service (PoS) implementer perspective embodies the following core principles:

  • A PoS implementer is any individual or organization who supports direct patient interactions.
  • A PoS implementer views the HIE as a singular service, accessible through the Interoperability Layer. Point of Service implementers are not concerned with activities in the Component and Services layers of OpenHIE.
  • A PoS implementer focuses on improving the care provided to individuals, or populations, by participating in the HIE.

Sample Roles of PoS Implementers

Point of Service implementers embody a myriad of skills and positions. Here are few sample roles of individuals who could be considered PoS implementers:

  • Software Vendor/Developer - Software vendors and their development teams are looking to identify how their system can interact with the HIE. This group may be focused on adding value to their patient population and the HIE.
  • Clinicians - Clinicians are individuals who aim to add value to their patient interactions by interacting with the HIE.
  • Population focused practitioners - This group aims to identify population trends and employs systems that track changes on large scale. This could include public health professionals, donors and demographers.

PoS Implementer vs OpenHIE Implementer

Generally speaking, a PoS implementer is someone who has no ownership of the operation of the HIE, but uses the HIE as a service. PoS implementers focus on accessing and contributing information. OpenHIE implementers are a completely separate class of implementer. They include a number of subject matter experts, component layer engineers, IHE standards specialists and operational support technicians.


Below is a list of items that allow us to better support PoS implementers:

  • PoS implementers need a identify the value of the HIE to their existing workflows
    • What information is available in the HIE that can be accessed?
    • How can I access this information? PoS implementers may need to modify their systems to achieve interaction. Which IHE standards are required to adopt each OpenHIE workflow and add value to their internal workflows
    • Who owns the HIE and what is the information governance for this HIE? How will my information be used?
  • A group of PoS implementers need to work in areas with intermittent internet connectivity. How is this being done in OpenHIE implementations? What are best practices for information caching?



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