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This document provides a high-level overview of the Terminology Services activities for 2020.

Q1 (Jan-Mar)Q2 (Apr-Jun)Q3 (Jul-Sep)Q4 (Oct-Dec)

Review 2020 Roadmap

Plan for NHDD Planning Guide

Execute NHDD Planning Guide

Update on OHIE Metadata Clearinghouse

Update TS Workflows (needed by June 15)

Prepare and contribute TS input into OHIE Community MeetingReview Maturity Model

Update TS test case documentation

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  1. Looks good. A few points:

    • I would recommend starting a more formal inquiry process in Q1 to (re-)gather more complete and standardized responses for the table of terminologies from official reps in each country. We should also, in Q3, start gathering feedback in terms of how we can make it more useful for different stakeholders.
    • There are synergies between this and the requirements gathering and creation of the terminology starter set - both efforts could take inspiration from something like the ONC Interoperability Standards Advisory.
    • It would be nice to align and overlay key activities from the OCL roadmap here, and perhaps clearly define how OCL is related to / differs from the OHIE Clearinghouse.
    • I imagine the profiles would incorporate FHIR wherever possible, and am aware that parts of the OCL API already leverage FHIR. What would it mean to "deploy initial FHIR implementation" in Q3?
    • I have commented on the TS Management Maturity Model directly on Google Docs.
  2. Need to identify workflows that can be documented - Workflow Collection Maturity