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What did we expect to happen?

  • Hold an OHIE Community Meeting
  • Hold an Architecture meeting
  • Updated specifications to be published.
  • Updated specification to reflect the use of FHIR
  • Have developed a compliance and conformance testing
  • Greater clarity around the role of software in the OHIE community
  • Formation around the OHIE Academy
  • To hear from countries expecting to practically implement HIE
  • Participation on calls from our SE Asia partners
  • Supply Chain and Health Insurance Communities to have workflows to leverage our architecture
  • Updates to OpenHIE diagram
  • The initial publication of the specification

What actually happened?

  • Hosted a successful OHIE community meeting
  • Published the specification which included spec reference underlying FHIR profiles including some written and completed by OHIE partners
  • Hosted an Architecture F2F and it was the first F2F we've had since 2014. We hosted a successful F2F and learned there is a lot of demand for such meetings from the community.
  • We aligned on conformance testing approach and found out our Asian colleagues have a different strategy than we do
  • Invitation from Asian colleagues to participate in their thriving community
  • Additional other communities tagging on to OHIE Community Meeting - openIMIS running alongside the community meeting
  • Observed growth in use case working groups - a reflection of a mature view of OHIE as a long-term strategy.
  • Heard countries speak in the first person about their national digital health structure approach.
  • Increased focus on operationalizing OHIE.
  • Organized an introductory academy for OHIE which led to increased engagement from various community members. Leads is now trying to build out an academy presence.
  • Identified persons who wanted to attend the meeting but were unable to procure funding this is a future challenge.

What would we like to do differently?

  • Assist MoH's get aligned or partnered with aid organizations to make sure they get to the community meetings so they can learn and share their experiences.
  • Drive towards more diversity of people present at the Academy and meeting overall
  • Better equip the leads team to be able to successfully support countries who want to stand up infrastructures.
  • Prepare the Leads community to be able to successfully respond to questions of standard-setting and standards reassuring within the community (i.e. Identify OHIE compliant technologies).  
  • Continue work on conformance testing and include "collection of illities" information while considering technical and organizational difficulties.
  • Increased growth in participation from software, implementers and MoHs
  • Have partners go through formal partnership process and solidify formalization around partnership and responsibilities.
  • Define how to engage private sector entities.
  • Update the OHIE website to be a better resource for our audience/stakeholders.
  • Options around OHIE components, there are 20-25 but we don't name those because they're not in our community but are viable options
  • Continued growth of OHIE as an organization delivering value to developing countries
  • Increased investment in the community meeting including deliberate planning to bring on additional collaborators.
  • Further Latin American outreach
  • Make OHIE concepts accessible and simple for LMIC to utilize
  • Discuss what leadership looks like for OpenHIE leadership board to be more purposefully diverse with membership (histories, objectives, etc.) to gain new outside perspectives.