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This workflow describes aggregate data exchange from patient level system to HMIS using ADX profile. The use case for this workflow is based on DATIM, where aggregate data is created in a POS or SHR.

The workflow presumes that the metadata (facilities, mechanisms and indicator data elements) to facilitate data exchange have been mapped/configured in both systems.

Sponsor:  James Kariuki

Status:  Proposed

Last Modified:  07/22/2015


Technical details

RefInteractionEndpointDataTransaction Specification
1Trigger at the end of the reporting period/cyclePOS/SHR  
2Send ADX conformant data messageILADX data message
3Validate ADX messageIL
4Send validated ADX messageHMIS  
5Send invalid ADX errorPOS/SHRACK 
6Parse ADX message and save aggregate dataHMIS  
7Acknowledge data was storedPOS/SHR