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Below you will find a list of OpenHIE resources that could benefit from being translated for our global community. This list is a sort of a "wish list" and an opportunity for those looking for ways to contribute to the community and the global efforts toward health information exchange. Please review our Translation Policy & Volunteer Opportunity to see how to get started in this process. 


We have been focusing our translation efforts from English to Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. As these were the top languages identified on our website from analytical data. While we welcome translations across all languages that community members speak and would be willing to translate materials into, the global OpenHIE community would greatly appreciate support in the translations of those four identified languages.

Artifacts for Translation

High Priority for Translation

The following are cornerstone artifacts for the community that are at the top of our wish list for translation into languages beyond English. Currently these artifacts are only available in English and we welcome the opportunity for these to be translated into other languages.
ArtifactDescription of ArtifactTranslation Update
OpenHIE Architecture Specification 

The specification outlines the following:  

  1. Logical OpenHIE Architecture Diagram*
  2. Definitions of OpenHIE components capabilities 
  3. Data exchange patterns and standards

2021 Roadmap 

  1. Add data exchange standards and specifications for point-of care systems
  2. Add patterns for supply chain exchanges 
  3. Add the rest of this information into the specification 

*The Architecture Diagram is one of our top priorities in translating. If a volunteer would like to translate pieces of the specification, the diagram by itself would be a great option that would be very helpful to the community.

This artifact is available in English and has not been translated into other languages.
Getting Started Guide
  1. How to get started with a component 
  2. How to get started with information exchange 
  3. How to get started with architecture 
This artifact is available in English and has not been translated into other languages.
OpenHIE AcademyCourses designed to provide foundations for standards-based architected data exchange.  This artifact is available in English and has not been translated into other languages.

Other Artifacts for Translation

ArtifactDescription of ArtifactTranslation Update
OpenHIE Website

Key entry point for community members and potential members.  It provides: 

  1. Overview of OpenHIE
  2. How to engage with OpenHIE
  3. Promotes community events and meetings
  4. Gateway to the other artifacts
  5. Success stories - How OpenHIE is successfully being used 

This artifact is available fully in English and was launched in early 2021. Prior to launch, we received external support for translating across Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. 

We have received some feedback that some translations aren't quite accurate and some web pages have not been translated outside of English.

Please reach out to us with any interest you have in translation and we can help in sharing more on what has or hasn't been translated into specific languages.

Reference Software ListingList of software that align with OpenHIE Architecture componentsThis artifact is available in English and has not been translated into other languages.

Coming Soon Artifacts for Future Translation

These artifacts are not yet available for public consumption. If you have interest in helping to translate these materials. Please reach out to share your interest and we can keep you involved in the process.
ArtifactDescription of Artifact
Instant OpenHIE Tooling for getting started with health information exchange and OpenHIE
OpenHIE testing and certification services 
Partners and implementersList of organizations supporting OpenHIE and standards-based exchange practices  (partners / implementers) and the services they offer. 

How do I get started?

Thank you for your interest in supporting the translation of OpenHIE materials so they can be available to even more community members around the world!

To get started, check out the "Volunteer Translation Process" on the Translation Policy & Volunteer Opportunity page.

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