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Our community moved from mailing lists to OpenHIE Discourse as a collaborative communication forum. Learn how you can get started with OpenHIE Discourse!

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Our community uses several conventions to communicate with one another. Below you will find a list of those conventions and how they are used.

Website - https://ohie.org

Our website is external facing and meant to communicate with potential community members, whether donors, partners, implementers, or individuals.  Our website includes a blog where news or general announcements about the community happen as well as the latests specification release.

Wiki - https://wiki.ohie.org

Our wiki is where we store our content:

  • governance, polices and procedures
  • architecture and standard guidance
  • community of practice participation information
  • event calendar
  • annual meeting planning information
  • and more (smile) 

Discourse - https://discourse.ohie.org/

Discourse is where our community engages and collaborates across time zones.  Using a forum like this as an open mailing list helps to eliminate isolated conversations and share experiences with the larger community.  Posts on Discourse are ideally; 

  • making announcements, 
  • sharing ideas and proposals
  • engaging in asynchronous discussions
  • updates/meeting recordings and notes 
  • asking questions and providing positive feedback

GitHub - https://github.com/openhie 

The DevOps Community is currently assessing the need and desire for this repository to be hosted and maintained by the community.

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