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Description: This workflow specifies the interactions for validating and saving an aggregate data message that has been transmitted from an external system to the HIE. 



Referenced Standards and APIs:

Assumptions and Prerequisites

  1.  The External system generating the ADX message and the HMIS inside the OpenHIE infrastructure must use the same metadata (indicator, disaggregators, sites and mechanisms). The request metadata workflow may be used before the export takes place to ensure this is so.


External System Actor (Actor outside this HIE)

  • The system sending the ADX message.  The system may be an Health Information Exchange with a patient-level abilities to aggregate data and/or a system that contains aggregate level data.  The system may also be a point-of-service system that contains or produces aggregate data.  

OpenHIE System Actors (Actors within the HIE receiving the ADX message.)

  • IL -The Interoperability Layer (IL) is the component that enables easier interoperability between disparate information systems by connecting the infrastructure services and client applications together. An interoperability layer receives transactions from the external system and coordinates interaction between components of the HIE and provides common core functions to simplify the interoperability between systems.
  • HMIS - Health Management Information System that is processing and storing the aggregate data (ADX message) received.

Technical details

The interactions above are described in detail below.  

Step NumberInteractionDesign NotesDataTransaction Standard
 1 Receive Aggregate Data Message The process is initiated by the receipt of an Aggregate Data Message. ADX data ADX -
2Ensure sender is authenticated and log a copy of the message   
3Route message to the HMISImplementation choice: Implementers may select to validate the aggregate data message with a DSD before routing it to the HMIS.  
4Process the ADX MessageImplementation requirements: Each implementation may have specified rules or data checks that are performed on the message as it is imported into the system. These checks may include data/metadata checks, numerator and denominator checks and checks to be sure that reporting entities reported on the desired indicators.  
5Generate processing responseThe current ADX standard does not specify a processing response.  
6Log the processing response and return it to the ADX sender.