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This workflow describes the combination of several federated health workforce information systems.  It is essentially a representation of the transaction between the InfoManager and the Service Directory actors in the CSD standard.

Sponsor:  Carl Leitner

Status:  Proposed 

Referenced Standards and APIs:

Last Modified:  18/02/2014


  • IL = Interoperability Layer to handle data governance and security issues, CSD Services Finder
  • SD =  One of multiple CSD Service Directories such as an HRIS within a set of districts, within a set of states, or between an FBO and the MOH
  • HWR =  Health Worker Registry HWR acting as CSD InfoManager



  • If multiple HWs' credentials are updated, should the IL loop through each HW, or should that be sent as one request to the HWR?  The former allows more granular error logging while the later would be faster and require last processing by the IL
  • This workflow describes the current OpenHIM's OpenInfoMan implementation.  Maybe IL shouldn't initiate the merge for the HWR. Perhaps a cronjob.  Potential issue with cronjob is that it makes it more difficult to have a nice interface for managing the poll time.  If we switched to a cronjob/external initiation, are there implications for monitoring of the polling?


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Technical details

RefInteractionEndpointDataTransaction Specification
1   Native API
POST SOAP request with last poll time
Query for Updated Services Transaction [ITI-74]
3  CSD document with updated health worker informationQuery for Updated Services Transaction [ITI-74]
4  CSD document with updated health worker informationQuery for Updated Services Transaction [ITI-74]
5   Defined by data governance policy in place between federated systems