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The Architecture Specification is a living document created by the OpenHIE community based on real-world implementations and needs. This document outlines the reusable architectural practices that constitute OpenHIE. The framework is intended to be constantly evolving as standards and implementer needs change over time.

So what is the purpose of this specification?  The OpenHIE Architecture Specification was created to document the OpenHIE Architecture. The specification documents the OpenHIE components and the based requirements for each OpenHIE component. In addition, the specification documents the OpenHIE workflows (data exchanges) and the underlying standards that the workflows utilize.  

How can you contribute and enhance future releases of the specification document?  The OpenHIE Architecture Specification is a living document created by the OpenHIE Community. You are encouraged to provide comments, proposed edits, and other suggestions for future versions on our Discourse forum site.

How can you get a view and print download the latest specification?  To view and download the latest version of the OpenHIE Architecture Specification go to

Most Recent Update: Version 3.0 (Released in September 2020)

The document is available on the OpenHIE Website for download. The following are some of the most significant changes in version 3.0:

OpenHIE Workflow (Data Exchange) Maturity Level
This maturity level takes into account the maturity of underlying IHE / FHIR specifications and the use of the workflow pattern in implementations.
Laboratory Workflows
Data exchanges revolving around laboratory information have been added to the specification.
The Facility Registry Requirements
The requirements for the key features of a facility registry were updated.
Terminology Workflow Updates
The terminology workflows were updated to include IHE specification.

Previous Versions

Previous versions of this document can be found here:

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