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The OpenHIE code of conduct is for the community as a reference for how people from all demographics and cultures should interact with one another. This Code of Conduct covers our behaviour as members of the OpenHIE Community, in forums, mailing lists, wikis, web sites, online chat channels, events, public meetings or private correspondence.

Interaction Style

Be Considerate.  Our work will be used by others and we will count on others work as well.  Any decision made will affect users and colleagues thus all decisions must be made with the utmost thought and consideration.

Be Respectful.  Everyone can make a valuable contribution to OpenHIE.  We are not always going to share the same outlook but this is what makes our community diverse.  While we all experience frustration now and then it is important to appreciate that different constituencies come at work in different ways.  Remember a community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one.

Be Collaborative.  OpenHIE is a community of communities and collaboration is what binds us all together.  We encourage everyone to work transparently within our community and with local partners allowing contributions to happen in various forms.  Collaboration reduces redundancy and improves the quality of our work.  This lack of redundancy is a benefit that the whole community and implementing partners can benefit from.

Be Inclusive.  OpenHIE is an open community.  We welcome and support diversity, including (without limitation) in age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, language, race, and religious views.  All OpenHIE invovled activities should be inclusive and should support diversity, including (without limitation) in age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, language, race, and religious views.

Be Available.  We are all very busy with multiple projects. Check your e-mails regularly and answer them promptly—even if it's "I'll get back to you."

Be Encouraging.  We all have our own understanding of how things should be done but sometime need a push to share our ideas. OpenHIE encourages all members to be open when it comes to their ideas.

Give Credit.  OpenHIE is a community of people sharing ideas.  We should always be encouraging participants to bring ideas that drive the OpenHIE mission forward.  Celebrate and highlight the accomplishments of others openly.

Step Down Considerately.  People on every project come and go, and OpenHIE is no different. When you leave or disengage from the community, in whole or in part, we ask that you do so in a way that minimizes disruption to the community. This means you should tell people you are leaving and take the proper steps to ensure that others can pick up where you leave off.

Conflicts of Interest.  We expect leaders to be aware when they are conflicted due to employment or other projects they are involved in, and abstain or delegate decisions that may be seen to be self-interested.  When in doubt ask for a second opinion.  This principle is not exhaustive or complete but serves to highlight our common understanding of a collaborative, shared environment and goals. 

Consequences of inappropriate behavior.  We are committed to upholding the Code of Conduct, and, as such, we will enforce disciplinary actions for people who continually disregard these principles. If a community member is seen in violation of the OpenHIE Code of Conduct, their behavior will be referred to the OpenHIE Leadership Group which will take appropriate and open action befitting the severity of the violation.

Violations and penalties.  The OpenHIE Leadership Group will consider and decide upon an appropriate penalty based on the severity of the violation.  In all instances, both the reporter and violator will be notified of the event, and what action will be taken. Such actions could include one or more of the following:

  • An official warning message on the violation 
  • Temporary or permanent suspension of OpenHIE accounts
  • Removal of privileges from, or adding restrictions to OpenHIE accounts
  • Removal of content/contributions
  • Removal from the OpenHIE community

Attribution – derived from OpenMRS Code of Conduct and Ubuntu Code of Conduct licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license

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