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What is the OpenHIE Community Roadmap?

The OpenHIE Community Roadmap is a set of milestone focused on three high-level areas; Architecture & Standards, Education, Community Growth. Below you will find a breakdown of the categories each area covers and you will see a roadmap of the activities planned for 2019. This roadmap is a one stop reference for what we are working on and where members of the community may want to jump in and help.


Architecture & StandardsEducationCommunity Growth
  • community roadmaps
  • IHE
  • Architecture Review Board (ARB)  
  • architecture diagram
  • workflows
  • testing
  • metadata clearinghouse
  • terminology standards
  • OpenHIE Implementers Network (OHIN)
  • OHIE Academy 
  • wiki / documentation
  • implementation guides
  • media
  • governance
  • scenarios / user stories
  • website
  • working groups
  • sub-communities
  • administrative
  • events

This page is subject to change. Please reach out with questions or comments.

How does an activity get on the roadmap?

The roadmap is meant to be a collaborative effort. If something appears to be missing please bring it to the attention of the delegate for the issue to be raised to leadership for discussion. Once consensus on next steps it will be prioritized and added to the roadmap.



Architecture & Standards
Community Growth

Deliver 1.5


Complete 1.5 user acceptance

DATIM: The Evo

Review of Architecture Review Board

Review of Architecture Diagram

Redesign of Architecture Diagram

Assess, Revise & Organize Workflows



Prepare for IHE Events

IHE NA Prep (If Applicable)

Continued PEPFAR Metadata Infrastructure Support

Establish OHIE Testing Definitions

Standards Development

Support Sub-Community Roadmaps

OHIE Governance Model

Revise Wiki

Community Organization


Website Redesign

Plan Community Meeting

Create Donor Engagement Strategy

Develop Community Discourse

Pilot Discourse (small group)

Access scenarios and use cases

Fundraising to Support Roadmap

Publish Scenarios & Use Cases

OHIE Certification Program

Create Implementers Community

Develop Academy Syllabus

Community Implementation Guide Review

Revision of Implementation Guide

Wiki Improvements and Reorganization

Developing Approach for Harmonized Publications