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The OpenHIE Architecture is made of of several architecture components.  Each of these components may have one or more reference software instantiations.  The following is a list of the software that was used to to demonstrate the OpenHIE V1.0 Workflows.  See Reference Technologies for the latest versions of the OHIE software.  





VersionLinks to Repository and Documentation
Facility RegistryResourceMap2.14.2
Facility RegistryDHIS22.18
Client RegistryMEDIC CR1.1 
Client RegistryOpenEMPI3.0 
Interoperability Layer ModuleOpenHIM1.1.0
Interoperability Layer ModuleOpenHIM Console1.1.0
Interoperability Layer Moduleopenhim-mediator-xds1.0.2
Interlinked Registryopeninfoman1.4.44
Interlinked Registry Moduleopeninfoman-hwr1.2.1
Interlinked Registry Moduleopeninfoman-dhis1.4.18
Health Worker RegistryiHRIS HWR4.2.0
Shared Health Record ModuleOpenSHR-xds.b0.4.5
Shared Health Record ModuleOpenSHR-cdahandler0.6.0
Shared Health Record ModuleOpenSHR-content handler2.2.0
Shared Health Record ModuleOpenSHR-atna0.5.0
Shared Health Record ModuleOpenSHR-odd0.5.1
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