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Under Constructions

This page is currently being drafted. Any content is subject to change.


The purpose of this page is to align and inform the Architecture Community and the OpenHIE Sub Communities on:  

  • OpenHIE Release content and Ownership
  • OpenHIE Release Content Preparation Schedule  - TBD
  • OpenHIE Release Process - TBD

Proposed OpenHIE Release Content and Content Owner

In ProgressNeeds to be createdNeeds to be reviewed

Release ContentPurposeDescriptionLocationContent Owner

OpenHIE Architecture Diagram

    • Wiki OpenHIE Architecture Document
Inform OpenHIE Community and beyond of the basic architecture components and provide an overview of the architecture.
  • Diagram Purpose
  • Overview
  • Diagram Visual
  • Description of Components
Wiki: OpenHIE ArchitectureOpenHIE Architecture Community
    • Google Slides OpenHIE Architecture Visual Starter Set
Used by community members and implementers as an aid in creating presentations or designing or discussing OpenHIE and workflows.
  • Diagram Visual
  • Vector Icons with Transparent Background in OHIE branded colors and gray.
In ProgressOpenHIE Architecture Community Leads
    • Wiki page to describe each OHIE architecture component.
Descriptions of OpenHIE architecture components that can be used by implementers and software component developers to outline business requirements for OHIE components.
  • More details of the components
  • Workflows that are supported by that OHIE component
  • Recommended Functional Requirements

Wiki: What constitutes an OpenHIE CR?

CR Sub Community
Wiki: What constitutes a HWR?HWR Sub Community
Wiki: What constitutes an OpenHIE HMIS?HMIS Sub Community
Wiki: What constitutes an OpenHIE IOL?Interoperability Sub Community
Wiki: What constitutes an OpenHIE Terminology Service?Terminology Service Sub Community
Wiki: What constitutes an OpenHIE Facility Registry?Facility Registry Sub Community
Wiki: What constitutes an OpenHIE SHR?SHR Sub Community

OpenHIE Workflow Specifications

    • Wiki page describing each OpenHIE Workflow
Used by implementers and community members as a pattern for data exchange between components.
  • One or more key use cases for that workflow
  • Reference to IHE or other standards used
  • UML Sequence Diagram depicting the data exchange.
Aggregate Data ReportingHMIS Sub Community

Alerting / Sending Reminders or Information


Care Provider and Facility Query

FR and HW Sub Communities

Case Based Reporting

Patient Identity ManagementCR Sub Community
Shared Health RecordShared Health Record Sub Community
Terminology ServiceTerminology Service Community

OpenHIE Reference Technology List

 Used by implementers and community members to find reference technology for OHIE architecture components.
  • Links to source code, install packages, software description.
Wiki: Reference TechnologiesReference Technology Teams are responsible for editing their own entries; Jembi, Instedd, University of Oslo, Mohawk College, OCL, Apelon, Intrahealth

OpenHIE Planning and Implementation Guides

  • Document explaining how to implement each Software Solution


Contains description and recommendations for standing up specific OpenHIE components. Used by implementers and community members to assist in standing up OpenHIE components.
  • Outlines a process for implementation
  • Includes what to think about when implementing each components
  • includes recommendations on governance.
Wiki Overview page: OpenHIE Planning and Implementation GuidesOpenHIE Architecture Community Leads

Link: Client Registry Planning and Implementation Guide 

Client Registry Sub Community

Link: Facility Registry Planning and Implementation Guide

Facility Registry Sub Community

Link: Health Worker Registry Planning and Implementation Guide

Health Worker Registry Sub Community

Link: Interoperability Planning and Implementation Guide

Interoperability Sub Community
Link: Shared Health Record Planning and Implementation Guide Shared Health Record Sub Community

Link: Terminology Services Planning and Implementation Guide 

Terminology Services Sub Community

OpenHIE Maturity Model

 Used by implementers and community members to assist in understanding the maturity of the OpenHIE workflows and the testing and production use of those workflows. Outlines the maturity of the different workflows by documenting their testing and use.Wiki: Architecture MaturityOpenHIE Architecture Community
What else do we want to add?  Anything about releases?  

Release Schedule and Process






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