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  • Provide List of Health Workers To Training Information System
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An application, such as a Training Information System, wants to get a list of health workers at a facility by type which includes information such as:

  • name
  • cadre/provider type
  • post/facility
  • cell phone
  • work phone

Sponsor:  Carl Leitner

Status:  Proposed 

Referenced Standards and APIs:

Last Modified:  18/02/2014


  • IL = Interoperability Layer to handle data governance and security issues, CSD Services Finder
  • TIS = Training Information System or other application that needs basic demographic information on health workers
  • HWR =  Health Worker Registry HWR acting as CSD InfoManager


  • What is the format that the TIS expects the HW information?  CSV?


RefInteractionEndpointDataTransaction Specification
POST careServicesRequest document
[ITI-73] Find Matching Services (Stored)

Optionally validates careServiceRequest is a stored query with a specified UUID
Note: If a custom data format is requested by the TIS (e.g. CSV) this needs to be supported
by the HWR and registered with its own UUID

3  POST careServicesRequest document[ITI-73] Find Matching Services (Stored)
4  CSD document, or CSV, per TIS request[ITI-73] Find Matching Services (Stored)
5  CSD document, or CSV, per TIS request[ITI-73] Find Matching Services (Stored)