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The official version of the OHIE workflows can be found in the OpenHIE Architecture Specification.


Description: This transaction allows a PoS, or any OHIE component, to access terminological information in the terminology service to query for Concept Mpas.  A typical example would be to request the set of Concept Maps whose target Code System is SNOMED CT. Mapping is frequently required when patient data is collected using Concepts/Codes from one Code System but the data must be reported or aggregated, say for decision support, in a different Code System. The set of such associated Concepts, usually for a specific use-case, are stored in the Terminology Service in a FHIR Resource called a ConceptMap.

Both external systems and systems inside the HIE may perform this transaction directly with the TS.  The sequence diagram below shows the steps that occur for a system using this transaction.   

  1. Query Concept Maps: What Concept Maps have a map target of 'SNOMED CT''?

Sponsor:  Jack Bowie

Status:  This operation has been extensively tested in FHIR Connectathons. 

Referenced Standards and APIs

  • The FHIR Concept Maps and supported search parameters are defined in: Searching in FHIR is described in HL7 FHIR Specifications v3.0 or higher support Concept Maps although Concept Map specifications are not yet normative. The response is a Bundle of Concept Map Resources satisfying the search parameters.
  • This workflow implements the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Supplement - Sharing Valuesets, Codes, and Maps (SVCM) Transaction: Query Concept Map ITI-Y6.
  • To translate (retrieve the mapping for) a code, see the Translate Code workflow.

Assumptions and Prerequisites

  • The required Code Systems and Concept Maps have been preloaded into the Terminology Service.


  • PoS - The point-of-service system  or other HIE component that is querying for Concept Maps.  
  • TS - Stores the curated official version of the Concept Maps for the health system.  

Technical details

RefInteractionEndpointDataTransaction Specification
1Query Concept Map requestTS

The Concept Map search request is triggered by a PoS or other HIE component.

Input: A set of FHIR search parameters.

FHIR ConceptMap Resource
2.Query Concept Map responsePoSThe response is sent back to the requesting system. Output: a Bundle of Concept Map Resources that satisfy the search parameters. FHIR ConceptMap Resource