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This workflow supports an HIE requesting updated mechanism data from an external source system.  

Referenced Standards and APIs:

Assumptions and Prerequisites


External System Actor (Actor outside this HIE)

  • The system where the site metadata is managed / curated.  The system may be an Health Information Exchange with a patient-level abilities to aggregate data and/or a system that contains aggregate level data.  The system may also be a point-of-service system that contains or produces aggregate data.  

OpenHIE System Actors (Actors within the HIE requesting the site metatdata.)

  • IL -The Interoperability Layer (IL) is the component that enables easier interoperability between disparate information systems by connecting the infrastructure services and client applications together. An interoperability layer receives transactions from the external system and coordinates interaction between components of the HIE and provides common core functions to simplify the interoperability between systems.
  • ILR  - InterLinked registry. 
  • HMIS - This is a HMIS or a Facility Registry where the site meta data is being managed.  

Outstanding Questions and Issues

#IssueAssigned toNotes
How is the ITI-73 initiated and are the parameters unique for each implementer?  
2.What component initiates the ITI-73? ILR or HMIS?  
3.How does the metadata get into the HMIS?  
4Should an ITI-73 or ITI-74 be used to sync the llocal infoman to the external infoman  

Technical Details 

Technical details are being captured here until they are finalized -

Test Cases 

The following are the high-level test cases that this workflow must support:  

Test CaseDescription

Message Examples

Document where implementers can find example messages

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