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This workflow is designed to store Aggregate Data that is being transmitted to the HIE from a PoS or another HIE.    

Sponsor:  James Kariuki, Denise Johnson

Status: In Progress

Referenced Standards and APIs:

Assumptions and Prerequisites



External Actors (Actors outside this HIE)

  • PoS - The system (or HIE) that will be sending aggregate data.  

Internal Actors (Actors within this HIE)

  • IL - Mediates the transactions between the HMIS system and the External HMIS system to facilitate easier interoperability by providing security and logging of transactions.
  • HMIS - Generates the aggregate data to be exported.
  • ILR - 



Outstanding Questions and Issues

#IssueAssigned toNotes

Technical Details

RefInteractionEndpointDataTransaction Specification
1Trigger at the end of the reporting period/cyclePOS/SHR  
2Send ADX conformant data messageILADX data message
3Validate ADX messageIL
4Send validated ADX messageHMIS  
5Send invalid ADX errorPOS/SHRACK 


Test Cases 

The following are the high-level test cases that this workflow must support:  

Test CaseDescription
  1. Receiving an ADX message with required mechanisms, indicators and disaggregators

Message Examples

Document where implementers can find example messages


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