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12-11-17 IHE eRSS Work Item Proposal (ITI Tech) v0.5.docx

This is an early version of the IHE profile proposal for interlinked registries.

12-11-28 eRSS ITI Tech Meeting prezo (draft v0.1).pptx

This was a subsequent revision to the IHE profile proposal for interlinked registries.

Appendix 1 Human Services Directory (HSD) service functional specification.pdf

This is a joint HL7/OMG service functional model for interlinked registries. It has been a key foundational document for OpenHIE's IHE profile development effort.

13-03-19 Care Services Discovery (CSD) Presentation.pptx

This is a slide deck presented to a group of Italian tech companies during a March 2013 IHE meeting about OpenHIE's new IHE profile for interlinked registries. The profile is called Care Services Discovery (CSD) and this PPT deck (which works “best” when viewed in display mode) gives a top level description of it in its current state of construction (first draft version). NOTE: the LDAP approach described in this slide deck is not the current plan; the current plan is to use XQuery.

HPD Profile - Rev. 1.3 – 2012-08-31

This is the current HPD profile; the Care Services Discovery (CSD) profile heavily leverages this profile.

WHO Master Facility List guideline

This is the draft guideline released by WHO regarding establishing master facility lists

ITI Tech ftp site

This is where content regarding the (evolving) CSD drafts are to be found. Comments on the files can be posted to the IHE ITI Tech google group (preferred) or sent to me via email.

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