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New mechanisms that may come in are locked from data entry (as they come in as pending and thus would not be closed by the approval). Setting expiry to 1 (has the effect of closing the dateset regardless of approval).  For example, setting these data sets to "1" closes them:    

  • Host Country Results: Narratives (USG)
  • Host Country Results: Operating Unit Level (USG)
  • MER Results: Community Based
  • MER Results: Community Based - DoD ONLY
  • MER Results: Facility Based
  • MER Results: Facility Based - DoD ONLY
  • MER Results: Medical Store
  • MER Results: Narratives (IM)
  • MER Results: Operating Unit Level (IM)
  • Tiered Support: Facilities reporting TX_CURR

They can be set by following the directions on How to Manage the Expiry Dates.  

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