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As with any transition to a new system, there is a risk for running into issues. It is important that the country's team is aware of this and discuss and be prepared for a backup plan should the DATIM4U implementation be called off. The systems team is working to mitigate risks and is ready to help work through potential issues, but the country's team must accept the possibility to fall back on a backup plan to ensure timely PEPFAR data delivery. In the worst case scenario, the results data would need to be manually reentered into DATIM.

To assist the country team in their transition to DATIM4U, S/GAC will arrange regular calls with the country's DATIM4U managers to discuss status, timeline, deliverables and updates to the deployment and address potential concerns.

Below are keys aspects of DATIM4U that need to be understood and considered by the country team.  Further details of this and other DATIM4U support documentation are posted on this OHIE Wiki and ZenDesk is the primary form of communication for any DATIM4U related questions.

Establishment of New User Accounts

The country's user accounts will need to be established within the new DATIM4U environment

  1. The country will be provided a list of current users in DATIM, from which updates can be made and returned to the DATIM4U deployment team for creation in DATIM4U
  2. These new users will receive an email to create their accounts in DATIM4U 
    1. Partner's DATIM accounts will be deactivated
    2. The country's Agency and Inter-Agency users will continue to have 'read only' access to DATIM

Data Submission

The submission of PEPFAR data will be conducted according to the PEPFAR calendar.  The submission of which will be conducted through the DATIM Submission App.

For new implementations of DATIM4U, the initial submission should be conducted one week earlier, in alignment with file exchange countries, to allow for more time for technical support and trouble shooting if required.

For information facilitating 'file import' within DATIM4U, see the 'DATIM4U Submission Workflow (File Import)' documentation.

User Support

While ZenDesk and the support app will be available to USG users, Partner Support for DATIM4U will be managed by the in-country team.

System Configuration

The Country will be responsible for the periodic configuration of DATIM4U to remain in alignment with PEPFAR's calendar and reporting timelines.  More information as to what this entails can be found here:

DATIM4U Customization

It is the intent of DATIM4U to provide countries with their own systems with which they can customize to their own country context.   That being said, it is ultimately the country team that is responsible for the successful and timely submission of PEPFAR data into DATIM.  If alterations to DATIM4U prevent a successful submission, then the country team assumes full responsibility for resolving.  Therefore it is imperative that there is full understanding of the environment, it's interoperability with DATIM, and proper development and support structures are in place before any customization can begin.  We recommended that the country refrain from any modifications to DATIM4U at least until after an initial successful submission of PEPFAR data has been conducted.  

Data Synchronization

The following data are synchronized between DATIM, DATIM4U & FACTS Info -


    • Organization Hierarchy
    • Results & Targets
    • Events


    • Datasets (Forms, Data elements, Validation rules, etc...)
    • Favorites


    • Implementing Mechanisms


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