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The DATIM4U system is based upon the DATIM system.  Therefore many of the functions are similar to the DATIM functions.  The purpose of this documentation is to provide documentation for functions that are different or additive to normal DATIM functions.  




Administration - DATIM4U Org Unit Administration

DATIM4U Organization Unit (OU) management and hierarchy operations in DATIM4U
Administration - DATIM4U User Management and RolesDATIM4U User management and roles in DATIM4U


Configuration - System Configuration for PEPFAR AlignmentExplanation and steps needed to configure the DATIM4U environment to remain in alignment with PEPFAR's Calendar and reporting timelines
Configuration - How to Manage the Expiry DatesExplanation of setting the expiry dates needed for creating data entry windows in DATIM4U
Configuration - DATIM4U MetadataThe purpose of this document is to provide an overview of how the DATIM4U metadata relates to the DATIM metadata.  
Configuration - Data Store App User GuideNEED TO FIND THE LINK TO THIS DOCUMENTATION
Submission WorkflowWorkflow - DATIM4U Submission Workflow (File Import)

This document details the steps and considerations needed when working with the DHIS2 Import-Export app for collecting and submitting data intoDATIM.  An understanding of the general data architecture, dependencies, and knowledge of how to revert changes made in the system are required before using this methodology.

The PEPFAR calendar must be consulted for determining correct dates for submission and windows for re-submission.  

Workflow - Data Approval User's Guide (DATIM Documentation)Data approval is the same as with DATIM. Please refer to the DATIM documentation on approvals.
Workflow - DATIM4U ADX (Aggregate Data eXchange) ProcessDescribes how to send target and results data to DATIM and the process that sends Target andResultsdata from DATIM4U toDATIMGlobal.


DATIM4U Technical Overview and PurposeTo provide a conceptual view of the purpose and high-level functions of DATIM4U
Overview - DATIM4U Key FunctionsProvides an overview of DATIM4U functions and features.
Overview - DATIM4U Mechanism Synchronization

Describes the Mechanism Synchronization process that keeps the 4U mechanisms aligned with the DATIM Global system.

Overview - DATIM4U Site Exchange Process

Describes how sites data that is managed in the DATIM4U system is shared with the DATIM Global system.


Help - Password reset (DATIM Documentation)For password issues, please follow the same process as DATIM. The DATIM documentation provides user instructions to recover account information and reset the password to access DATIM. The difference is the URL for your DATIM4U system.
Help - Getting DATIM4U HelpExplain the process for putting in a ticket to request help with a DATIM4U process.
Help - Quick Link to DATIM documentationThis is a link to the DATIM Global Zen Desk Documentation.



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