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DATIM4U Summary ( DATIM - ZenDesk Link)
DATIM for Operating Units (DATIM4U) is a standalone version of the Global DATIM web-based application that can be implemented exclusively for your PEPFAR Country Team (OU) and Implementing Partners (IPs).
DATIM4U Summary Presentation (DATIM- ZenDesk Link) July 25th, 2016 presentation on DATIM4U.
Example Non-disclosure AgreementExample Non-disclosure agreement
DATIM4U’s Value Proposition.pdfDiagram depicting key features of DATIM and DATIM4U.
DATIM Readiness Assessment (DATIM- ZenDesk Link) This document in designed to assist you in determining which DATIM version is the most appropriate to your needs, and – in particular - whether DATIM4U version is right for you. If DATIM4U appears appropriate, this document also identifies the additional considerations you will need to be aware of before moving to installation and deployment.
DATIM4U Planning and Implementation FAQs FAQs about the planning and implementation process.
DATIM4U Country Expectations and AgreementDATIM4U understanding and expectations - for agreement with country before implementing DATIM4U

DATIM4U Considerations for COP Planning

An outline of technical considerations PEPFAR Country Teams will want to consider including in their COP submissions if they are planning to avail themselves of PEPFAR’s “DATIM for Operating Units (DATIM4U)”



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