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DATIM4U System Administrator Help

Provides both DATIM4U and DATIM Global OHIE system administrator level of documentation, including:

  • location of logs
  • how to restart services
Managing Metadata in DATIM4U*** TBD *** Best practices for creating, organizing & managing country specific datasets, data elements, metadata, etc... (creating manageable separation from S/GAC managed elements)
Managing User Accounts and Permissions in DATIM4U

*** TBD *** Best practices for creating & managing user roles/permissions and noting differences in managing PEPFAR reporting roles vs. custom country specific roles

Deploying Custom Features within DATIM4U*** TBD *** Coordination with S/GAC to carry out deployments of custom features
Communication on S/GAC Deployments to DATIM4U*** TBD *** How S/GAC will communicate/coordinate with D4U countries when deploying updates that may affect and require testing of customized features (i.e. upgrading DHIS2 version)
Managing CertificatesProvides documentation for managing certificates on OHIE Stacks.
DATIM4U DHIS2 system maintenance guideHow to coordinate deployments with DATIM, what not to touch, what can be configured. Roles and responsibilities of customizations. Upgrades, back ups, overview of the system development life-cycle.

How to install DATIM4U OHIE Stack

To provide detailed directions on how to install software and set up the DATIM4U OHIE stack software.
How to install the DATIM4U DHIS2 system.To provide detailed directions on how to install software and set up the DHIS2 DATIM4U software.
DATIM4U Backups 
Change LogsExample practices for tracking changes to a server / software stack.
DHIS2 Apps Needed for a 4U installationA list of the DHIS2 apps to install in a 4U DHIS2 install.
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