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November 23, 2016SIMS
SIMS Data Exchange Exercise Guidance V2 [PDF]

Agencies are required to submit SIMS data to S/GAC via the DATIM system on a quarterly basis. This guide serves as a resource for participating agencies to facilitate the process of submitting their SIMS 2.0 data to S/GAC for import into DATIM. Data intended for import into DATIM must satisfy strict requirements with respect to the format of the data as well the relationship of the data to the current metadata of the system. Data must be valid with respect to the organization units, data elements, and mechanisms.

The purpose of this exercise is for participating agencies (CDC, DoD, HRSA, PC, and USAID) to verify and validate the script developed by the DATIM team to correct records containing the same OU/IM/Period combination. This will enforce adherence to the org unit/mechanism/period uniqueness constraint required by DATIM.
Note: The script does not alter the assessment date, the integrity of which is important for subsequent analyses.

April 18, 2017SIMS
SIMS 2.0 Data Import Reference Guide v6 [PDF]

The attached SIMS 2.0 Data Import reference guide serves as a resource outlining the steps involved with importing SIMS 2.0 data into DATIM. Reference this guide for all the requirements before Import.

December 21, 2016SIMS
PEPFAR Data Exchange Implementer Community SIMS Data Exchange Exercise v6.3 [DOCX]

For Agencies looking to import SIMS data into DATIM, please download and complete the attached Data Exchange exercise.

NOTE: Please ensure you are using the latest version, 6.3, for your data exchange exercises.*  

July 28, 2016MER

DATIM for Operating Units (DATIM4U) is a standalone version of the Global DATIM web-based application that can be implemented exclusively for your PEPFAR Country Team (OU) and Implementing Partners (IPs). With DATIM4U, OUs can collect MER Results on a monthly basis and submit the quarterly aggregations to DATIM Global at the press of a button. Access this Self-Assessment guide to determine if DATIM4U is right for you  

*NOTE: Downloadable resources last updated on July 25. Please reference the latest documentation posted here.  

October 26, 2016MER
Guide Data Import Exchange Last Updated 17 October 2016 [PDF]

This document outlines steps involved in importing data into DATIM and steps towards eventually establishing a data exchange between DATIM and another system.

If your team is unable to meet the requirements for constructing files described in this resource, your team is probably not staffed with skills sufficient to recommend you as a candidate for importing data into DATIM.

This updated data import reference guide also includes a section (2.2.7) on data cleaning via data import.

***NEW*** Listen to and watch an overview about Data Import and Exchange from the 2016 DATIM Field Training here  

November 16, 2016MER
DATIM Data Import Hands-on Activity – DATIM Training 2016 

Follow along with Jason as he walks you through the data import & exchange steps and processes. If you’ve missed it, or are new to Data Import / Exchange, be sure to watch Jason’s overview first.

November 16, 2016MER
DATIM Data Import Overview – DATIM Training 2016

At a high-level, Jason Pickering answers your questions surrounding the mystical Data Import. Listen and watch as he explains the requirements, guidance, policies, processes, and procedures, and shares available resources to assist in successful data import and exchange!

April 01, 2016MER
Data Set Assignments April 1 2016 [XLSX]

Dataset assignments by country-, community-, and facility-level by OU/country. These dataset assignments are subject to change. Please note the date at which the file was last updated: April 1, 2016

March 07, 2016SIMS
SIMS Planner Reports

This page contains the SIMS planner reports for all operating units. One can retrieve the reports as CSV files or HTML pages.