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This page is currently under construction.


The OpenHIE community is working on projects in the areas of implementation and organizational infrastructure. This space provides an overview of these projects and any related sites, if applicable.


The OHIE sub-communities are supporting activities and technologies being used in multiple countries. Projects are taken on using a country engagement strategy and you can see a list of activities below.

ImplementationsCountry StakeholderCountry ImplementerProjectsUse CasesStatus
Bangladesh ThoughtWorks  eHealth Strategy
HaitiMinistry of Health, CDC Master Facility List  
Kenya HIE    Drafted eHealth Strategy
Liberia  mHero  
Nigeria HIE  Nigeria Health Worker Registry eHealth Strategy
DATIM4U Project Team Historic DocumentationPEPFAR reporting countries   


Release September 15, 2016

Philippines HIE (PHIE)     
Rwanda HIE (RHIE) Ministry of HealthJembi Health Systems Maternal and Child HealthIMPLEMENTED
South Africa HIENational Department of Health (NDoH)

Jembi Health Systems, Praekelt Foundation, The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR),

The Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) South Africa

MomConnect eHealth Strategy
South East Asia  OpenUHC  
Tanzania HIEMinistry of HealthRTI International, InSTEDD

Better Immunization Data

Tanzania Health Facility Registry IMPLEMENTED

 eHealth Strategy
Zimbabwe    Drafted eHealth Strategy

Organization Infrastructure

Details coming soon... 

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