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Owners: Jason Knueppel and Annah Ngaruro

Under construction - Define best practices for creating, organizing & managing country specific datasets, data elements, metadata, etc... (creating manageable separation from S/GAC managed elements)


Country implementation teams may determine that additional metadata needs to be added.  As a part of the agreement with PEPFAR, data sets and data elements can be ADDED.  However, PEPFAR specific metadata should not be changed or removed.  Changing or removing PEPFAR related metadata will cause issues.  

Best practices and recommended processes 

  1.  Testing - Have a test DHIS2 system that is a replica of your production DHIS2 system.  Use this system to test any non-PEPFAR metadata additions and changes.  Test to be sure that modifications you make still allow you to perform key PEPFAR functions.  
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