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On 13 December 2019 our community is offically moving from mailing lists to OpenHIE Discourse as acollaborative communication forum. Learn how you can get started with OpenHIE Discourse!
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Point of Contact(s)

Erick Gaju, National e-Health Coordinator at Ministry of Health Rwanda

eHealth Strategy

Rwanda eHealth Strategy 2009-2013

OpenHIE Team Member(s)

Chris Seebregts, Carl Fourie, Ryan Crichton, Carl Leitner, Eduardo Jezierski, Paul Biondich, Shaun Grannis, Richard Gakuba, Liz Peloso, Jack Bowie, Dykki Settle

Use Cases

  • Maternal and Child Health


Precursors to the OpenHIE workflows. Mainly using some custom profiled HL7 messages.


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