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(To Be Completed)

Documentation exists that defines how to use the apps and that D4U needs to be configured to aligned to the PEPFAR calendar.  This section will define how that translates into to the actual settings or dates to use accordingly.  i.e. If we say Open from April 1st to May 15th, how does that translate into what needs to be done and where should it all be done (dedup app, approvals app, etc)?  

How are the datasets organized and how do we know which ones are applicable for which cycle?  Are there any conventions defined to help understand these things? 

Does one need to know the UIDs for the different DataSets when manipulating the dataStore, and if so, where does one go to know what the UIDs for the dataSets are? 

What needs to be different if anything for configuring targets vs. results? 

Are there any nuances, considerations, knock-on effects or dependencies that should be noted with these configurations?


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