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Review what happened last call (5 minutes)

  1. Introductions
  2. Status Updates
  3. Next Steps to Define Requirements
  4. Discuss Community Call Regularity

Preview of next week's meeting (5 minutes)


Jack presented an overview of the definition of Terminology Services and Hannes discussed the status of Terminology Services in Rwanda (see associated PPT). There was next a discussion of the use of “interface”,  “reference” and “cardinal” terminologies in CDRs. For example, should the original input phrase (the “verbatim”) be part of the record or should just the normalized form be saved? This discussion identified a need for two potential deliverables from the group: (a) a Glossary of terminology “terminology” to facilitate better understanding among the group members (“interface terminology” in particular seemed to have two different meanings within the group), and (b) a set of recommended “principles” for the use of terminology in OpenHIE components. Jack volunteered to develop a first pass of the Glossary based one developed inside Apelon. The creation of initial Charter and Principles documents  will be topics for the next meeting. Any suggestions from the group would be appreciated.

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