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Goal: Provide learning opportunity for those new to OpenHIE around standards-based approaches to health information and provide a foundation for participation at the OpenHIE Community Meeting (5-8 October 2021)

Material covered during OpenHIE Academy Live will include:

    • Concepts of interoperability
    • Function and application of the OpenHIE Architecture framework and its components
    • Role of terminology and health data exchange standards

Recommended Pre-work:

  1. Take the OpenHIE Academy course “Introductions to HIE” (25 min)
  2. Watch Standards and interoperability video (13 minutes)

Meeting Resources

Collaborative Notes Page (recordings linked in notes pages)

Slides (currently draft)

Exercise Materials 

  • OpenHIE Architecture Specification 
  • Scenario (See slide 59)
  • Sticky Note Boards (Groups can find their boards below)
Group BoardFacilitators

Group 1 - White Board

Group 2 - White Board

Group 3 - White Board

Group 4 - White Board

Group 5 - White Board

Group 6 - White Board

Group 7 - White Board

Links on names above will direct you to how you can direct message course facilitators on the OpenHIE community forum. Note: You will need to sign in or create an OpenHIE ID to post/message on discourse.

Directions on Certification - To be determined




When and How to Join


Thursday, 30 September 2021

11am UTC (7pm PST, 2pm EAT, 7am EDT, 4am PDT)

How to join:

For registered attendees only.

For those who have registered, a Zoom link will be sent in a separate email. Please contact Michelle Cox if you haven't received it by 15 September 2021.


Time Slot


Lead Facilitator(s)


  • Welcome and Introduction to course facilitators 
  • Introductions of group - one information sharing challenge you are facing or interested in

Section 1 

  • 1 to 2 group sharing discussion
  • Introduction to HIE 

Jennifer E Shivers 

Section 2 

  • Standards-based Architecture 
  • Architecture components needed to support a Use Case  

 Rajab Billy 

Section 3 

  • Group work report out / Discussion
  • Introduction to interoperability  

 Daniel Futerman 

Section 4 

  • Introduction to Standards
  • Terminology Standards 
  • Workflows Message Standards

Section 5  

  • Introduction to group exercise (same case study, but add in data exchanges and document standards used for those workflows) 
    • Add data exchanges with standards to the components identified 
  • Group exercise 
  • Group sharing / discussion  with large group 
Sovello Mgani 

Section 6 

  • Wrap up and Questions 
    • Feedback
    • Certification directions 

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