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Uml sequence
title Aggregate Health Worker Information
participant Interoperability Layer as IL
participant Health Management\nInformation System as HMIS
participant Health Worker\nRegistry as HWR
participant Terminology Service as TS
TS->HWR: Request reported code set\nfor disaggregator\n FHIR ValueSet READ
HWR->TS: Return FHIR ValueSet
TS->HMIS: Request reporting code set\nfor disaggregator\n FHIR ValueSet READ
HMIS->TS: Return FHIR Value Set
TS->TS: User maps reporting code set\nagainst reported code set 
loop periodic (monthly/quaterly)
IL->HWR: Initiate request for report number of HW\n CSD ITI-73 (specialized stored query)
HWR->IL: Return ADX message for number of health workers\ndisaggregated by various code sets
IL->TS: Request Mapping from reported code\nset to reporting code set\n FHIR ValueSet (which operation?)
TS->IL: Return FHIR value set mapping
IL->IL: Calculate the aggregation of the number of health workers\n from reporeted code set to reporting code set
IL->IL: Rewrite ADX message using reporting code set and caluculated aggregation
IL->HMIS: Send rewritten ADX message\nHTTP POST 


RefInteractionEndpointDataTransaction Specification