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  1. Primary discussion vehicle is for cross-cutting architectural concerns to be raised through the mailing list and on the regular through regular architecture calls, which are open and anyone can join.

  2. The architecture review board is designed to include members representing OpenHIE stakeholders including; OpenHIE Architecture Component communities, OpenHIE organizations and implementers.  

  3. Ideas and opinions will be shared through primary discussion vehicles including the architecture calls and Discourse to allowing multiple perspectives to be shared. When discussion consensus cannot be achieved or when making formal decisions on the OHIE architecture the architecture review board will vote for consensus.

  4. It is expected that all members must be given a reasonable opportunity to cast a vote. If a voting member is unable to attend a meeting when a vote is taken, reasonable efforts will be made to obtain their vote asynchronously.

  5. Decisions will be made through a consensus-based process. Consensus does not require that all participants agree although this is, of course, preferred.  In general, the dominant view of the working group shall prevail. (However, it must be noted that "dominance" is not to be determined on the basis of volume or persistence, but rather a more general sense of agreement.)

  6. As most architecture group meetings are conducted via phone call, consensus will be determined by a roll-call vote using a “super majority decision rule” where decisions must meet a 70% threshold . If a voting member cannot attend a meeting where a vote is taken, alternate efforts for securing their vote will be used.

  7. If a topic does not receive 70% of the vote, it is not approved and concerns must be identified for further discussion.