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  • Workflow - DATIM4U ADX (Aggregate Data eXchange) Process

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Transaction Overview Diagram

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The diagram above depicts the high-level transactions that support DATIM4U.  Before submitting an ADX message containing the DATIM data, mechanism data will need to be imported into the 4U DHIS2 system and site data will automatically be synced before the ADX is submitted.  Once the metadata is aligned, then the ADX message containing the DATIM data can be transmitted to the DATIM Global PEPFAR system.  


  • "ADX User" role - a read only role that allows the user to open the DATIM Data Submission App and see the Data Export Log.  However, users with this role cannot perform submissions.   
  • "ADX Exporter" role - a role that provides the functionality of the ADX user and enables the user to do submissions.  
  • "Super User" role - with this role, the user can perform the functionality of the "ADX User" and "ADX Exporter" as well as perform a test submission.  

Exchange process steps

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  1. Enter or upload data into 4U DHIS2 System and follow any business processes to get ready to submit the data.  
  2. When ready to send the data to PEPFAR, log into DHIS2.
  3. Navigate to the DATIM Data Submission App and open the app.  

  4. When the app opens, the following options will be available:  
    1. A drop down that is used to denote what type of submission will be sent.  You must select one of the following options.  
      1. Select Results to send MER results data for most recent quarter that has been entered or uploaded into the 4U DHIS2 system.  
      2. Select Targets to send MER target data for an upcoming COP year that has been entered or uploaded into the 4U DHIS2 system.  
      3. Selecting Test will simply test that the settings for the ADX connection are in place and that the communications between the DATIM Global system and the 4U system are operating properly.  It will NOT send any aggregate data.  


      1. Caused by un-approved mechanisms. This error will show if there are any mechanisms that are not yet been Submitted by Inter-Agency (level 2 f) on the DATIM4U. For more details on the MER approval workflow can be viewed here. The approval level for mechanisms can be seen on the Data Approval app by authorized users. In order to handle this submission error, the un-approved mechanism must have its approval to Submitted by Inter-Agency on DATIM4U through the Data Approval app. Click here for more information on Data Approval app.

      2. Caused by failed deletion. This error will show if the ADX Adapter is not able to delete all the data transmitted by the most recent successful submission. To handle this error, all mechanisms and data sets associated with the data that was successfully submitted must be at the 'Pending' stage (for mechanisms) and not expired (for data sets) on the DATIM Global side. The approval level for mechanisms can be seen and adjusted on the DATIM Data Approval app by authorized users. The expiration dates for data sets can be seen and adjusted on the DATIM Data Set Management (Data Sets app > Data Set) by authorized users. 

 ADX Data Exchange Steps

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The following are the technical steps that occur once the EXPORT button in the DATIM4U DHIS2 app is pushed.