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  1. Analytics - DATIM continuously runs a process that propogates data entered into the “Data Entry” app to other applications within DATIM. This process is called “Analytics” and it affects multiple applications in DATIM, including: Data Approval, Data De-Duplication, Pivot Tables, and others.  This process is can be scheduled to run multiple times on DATIM4U as well.  See for a more detailed description of Analytics and how they are run on DATIM.  DATIM4U timing may be configured differently and run at different times, but the function is the same.  
  2. Dedupe - SQL script removed any invalid de-dupe entries. If data is deleted or updated, all dedupe records related to those records are considered invalid and need to be removed to retain data integrity. Script runs every 24 hours. 
  3. Cache - script resets cached option sets in case option set values change, so that updated values will appear in refreshed analytics. Task was defined to address specific issue, however is retained running prior to full analytics.
  4. Dataset assignments script. This script moves organisational units between levels to assure that they are at the appropriate level for a - This script assigns the appropriate dataset to the organization units (OUs) according to their level - community, facility, etc. , in their country, and it also assigns datasets to the organisational units depending on their type and other properties.  Once new sites are added, the dataset assignment script must be run before data can be entered for that site.(i.e. ensures that ‘site level indicators’ are allocated to sites).  Newly added OUs will not be able to have data recorded against them until after this script has run. This script is run nightly.
  5. Backup - There is a scheduled back up of the DATIM4U DHIS2 database that runs multiple times per day.  
  6. Restart Mechanism Importer daemon - There is a scheduled job running under the system_mechanismimporter user that restarts the daemon which listens for requests to run the Mechanism Importer.
  7. Favorites - Only 'public' favorites of report tabletables, maps, and charts that exists exist in DATIM are synced to DATIM4U as they are modified and saved in DATIM. The sync will run once daily. Transferred favorites will be subject to the following: