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The first page of each module includes a summary of the module contents, key audiences for the module, and actions that should be completed before you implement the activities set forth in the module.  The modules included in the resource package are (click on each image to access the module):

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The full resource package is available on WHO's website:

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Additional resource files can also be accessed here:


The development of an MFL is not necessarily a linear process. Various elements may be developed simultaneously and decisions may need to be revisited as things develop in a given area. We have made an effort to cross-reference sections of different modules that are relevant to particular stages of development.

Additional resources are linked or included in the document. The resources were developed by a range of partners who have kindly accepted to share them to aid others through MFL implementation.

MFL Resource Package - Facilitator's Guide

The facilitator's guide is intended for implementers familiar with the MFL resource package who want to train key stakeholders around key MFL concepts and also help countries to develop an action plan to implement or strengthen their MFL. The following resources (guide and module presentations) have been made available, currently in draft format:

  1. MFL Resource Package Facilitator's Guide

MFL Resource Package development process

The MFL Resource Package was developed with extensive input from a team of persons who have been involved in various capacities in the development or management of MFLs in different countries. The content builds off of previous MFL guidance developed by the World Health Organization, MEASURE Evaluation and OpenHIE. This MFL Resource Package seeks to expand and update the guidance and make it accessible to a wide audience.  Development of this Resource Package included a literature review, a series of in-depth interviews with key informants, a three-day meeting attended by approximately 30 experts in this area to discuss in detail the content and structure of the guidance document, and a thorough  thorough review process.  The content reflects the experiences of government officials involved in the establishment and daily management of MFLs, and implementing partners who have supported various MFL strengthening activities including harmonizing facility lists, conducting data quality audits, geocoding lists, and creating facility registry services to render the MFL interoperable.  A full list of contributors is found in the acknowledgement acknowledgment sections.

The Master Facility List (MFL) resource package describes what an MFLis and why it is important to have one. It defines basic terms , and describes the various pieces that need to be in place to have a functional MFL. It provides tools for assessing current MFL activities, establishing best practices for governance and maintenance of the MFL, as well as best practices for data sharing, quality, and accuracy. The MFL Resource package consists of 10 modules.  

Click on the image below to access the full version of the MFL Resource package in PDF format.

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