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Welcome to the OpenHIE Supply Chain Subcommunity

As countries contemplate their implementation approaches to health data sharing, many are beginning to discern how the work of the health supply chain intersects with the overall health enterprise architecture.  Many within the OpenHIE community see substantial synergies between supply chain workflows and OpenHIE conventions.  To that end, we have created a working group that is designed to represent and codify the needs of supply chain, and directly influence overall OpenHIE conventions and standards so that they are directly supportive.   This working group is comprised of individuals who are either implementation "practitioners" of supply chain infrastructure, standards-savvy professionals, and others interested in supporting this work in a substantive way.


  • Build consensus around supply chain technical and operational conventions and definitions
  • Develop documented data sharing use cases that describe the fundamental flow of information within a typical supply chain
  • Build new, or refine existing OpenHIE workflows in support of these data sharing use cases
  • Represent, and give voice, to the real world needs of countries as they implement supply chain management infrastructure within the auspices of a national data sharing architecture 

The Supply Chain subcommunity calls will focus on building relationships between it's participants and building common language amongst them to achieve the goals described above.  If you are interested in helping us with this sort of work, please feel free to join the monthly calls or join our conversations on Discoursepropose a topic for a call on Discourse (tag Josh Zamor). Also feel free to contact

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