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As the OpenHIE community continues to grow, many of our community members have appreciated the growing country demand for support and technical expertise related to health data sharing architectures.  To further the mission and vision of the OpenHIE community, we want to find ways to support countries in a way that is sustainable and focused upon building capacity within countries in as efficient of a way as possible.  Members of the OHIE community are available to assist you in your preliminary planning and design stages. As your efforts become more concrete, OHIE services partners can be engaged to provide additional, on-going, support for detailed planning, implementation and production.


  • Facilitation of Connect-a-thon and Hack-a-thon activities

  • Mentorship and training for local and regional HIE architects, software developers and system administrators

  • Serve as a connection hub for different country and regional health enterprise architects to facilitate peer learning, mentorship, and exchange of success stories and lessons learned

  • Development of documentation and training materials and related knowledge management services for operationalizing OpenHIE and its components

  • Key topics that come up frequently include: Hosting (cloud, local ISP, MOH data centers), deployment, interoperability/integration, SOPs, SOA approach, Requirements gathering, sharing experiences from other implementations, how to keep a registry current

Next steps


Consulting, support and training services are provided by an ecosystem of organizations, subject matter experts, and teams from around the world. Working with them ensures familiarity with OHIE and a commitment to __ principles and using all of use of all OHIEs expertise and experience to support your initiatives success.


  • In-country direct technical assistance
  • Video conference and/or phone-based assistance
  • Intensive group support intervention during an OpenHIE Implementers Network Eventan OpenHIE community events