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Description: This transaction allows a PoS, or any OHIE component, to access terminological information in the terminology service to verify that a code exists.  A typical example would be to validate that the codes contained in an incoming patient data message are, in fact, from a required code system, e.g. ICD-10 or LOINC.


Status:  This operation has been extensively tested in FHIR Connectathons. 


Referenced Standards and APIs

Assumptions and Prerequisites

  • The required CodeSystems have been preloaded into the Terminology Service.


  • PoS - The point-of-service system  or other HIE component that is requesting to verify a code.  
  • TS - Stores the curated official version of the terminology and codes for the health system.  
Uml sequence
title Verify Code Existence Workflow
participant PoS
participant IL
participant CR
participant HWR
participant FR
participant TS
participant HMIS
participant SHR
PoS->TS: [1] Code verification request
TS->PoS: [2] Code verification response 

Technical details

RefInteractionEndpointDataTransaction Specification
1Code verification requestTS

The validate-code request is triggered by a PoS or other HIE component.

Input: A Concept Code and target Code System.


FHIR CodeSystem Resource, $validate-code operation
2.Code verification responsePoSThe response is sent back to the requesting system. Output: a True or False response. FHIR CodeSystem Resource, $validate-code operation