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  1. Requesting system determines which patients need follow-up
  2. Requesting system creates a ServiceRequest for each patient and sends the ServiceRequest to HIE
  3. CHIS queries the HIE to determine if there are any patients to be followed-up
  4. Requesting system returns results of CHIS' query
  5. CHIS determines whether or not to claim the service request
  6. CHIS "claims" the ServiceRequest to confirm that they will be following up a patient
  7. CHIS alerts the appropriate CHW with finding and advising the patient through a task
    1. This step is detailed below - Data Flow (CHIS / CHW Process)
  8. CHIS records the results of the CHW's efforts
  9. CHIS updates the ServiceRequest
  10. Requesting system receives update
  11. Requesting system updates itself accordingly

Data Flow (demonstration)

This video provides a demonstration of a CHIS fetching a service request in FHIR format (steps 3-9 outlined above).

This video goes through how to configure an application with FHIR resources (specifically for CommCare) 

Data Flow (CHIS / CHW Process)

The diagram below illustrates the data flow between the SHR / FHIR Server and CHISs.