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OpenHIE leadership has therefore committed to the second stage of its community strategy, which will focus upon support and growth of an implementer ecosystem.  Over the next 3-5 years, the OpenHIE community will evolve its community presence to be more immediately responsive to the needs of new groups and individuals who seek to apply the concepts and principles developed by the community’s early founders.  Key to the success of OpenHIE at this phase in it’s growth is an effective implementation feedback loop, as implementers are critical informants of future community work and needed evolutions of early community-driven designs.  Significant resources will be allocated towards developing educational materials to lower the activation costs implicit in implementation, and building learning networks that encourage peer learning to happen in a time/cost efficient way.  The community leadership will develop inclusive public-private partnership governance models and a participant-driven strategic roadmap development process.  Communication strategies will focus upon examples of OpenHIE in practice, ideally through case studies that show various real world use cases (such as HIV/AIDS care, immunization, and universal health coverage) where electronic data sharing is fundamental to success. 

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