This workflow is currently specific to DHIS2 as the HMIS and OpenMRS as the SHR, in future iterations it may change to incorporate a more standard based approach.


Description: This workflow will enable the Shared Health Record to be able to export aggregate data to the HMIS systems so that it can be used for reporting purposes.

Sponsor:  HMIS community? with the SHR community

Status:  proposed

Last Modified:  10 Sept 2014


title Aggregate data from the SHR
IL->IL: [1] Trigger on time period 
IL->SHR: [2] Request aggregated data\n for the time period
SHR->IL: [3] Aggregated data
IL->HMIS: [4] Aggregated data 
HMIS->IL: [5] Ack

Technical details

RefInteractionEndpointDataTransaction Specification
1Trigger on time period GET /trigger  
2Request aggregated data for the time period SQL 
3Aggregated data SQL result set 
4Aggregated data  DXF API Request 
5Ack DXF API response