Système d’Échange d’Information Sanitaire Haïtien (SEDISH) is an implementation of OpenHIE in Haiti as part of the CDC Health System Strengthening grant. The implementation focuses on connecting more than 100 clinics with the iSantéPlus Electronic Medical Record System. Implementing and technical partners include I-TECH Haiti, I-TECH Seattle and SolDevelo.

Points of Contact

I-TECH Haiti: Nathaelf HippoliteSolDevelo: Paweł Gesek

Repositories - The primary repository where - The repository where we host the iSantePlus development, which utilizes OpenMRS 2.5

Implementation Strategy

National Health Infrastructure

Software and Hardware Architecture 

National Laboratory Information Exchange - Functional Requirements

Use Cases

Primarily HIV related workflows to support the 90-90-90 goals.

National Laboratory Information Exchange for Viral Load orders and results.