As the OpenHIE community continues to grow, many of our community members have appreciated the growing country demand for support and technical expertise related to health data sharing architectures.  To further the mission and vision of the OpenHIE community, we want to find ways to support countries in a way that is sustainable and focused upon building capacity within countries in as efficient of a way as possible.  Members of the OHIE community are available to assist you in your preliminary planning and design stages. As your efforts become more concrete, OHIE services partners can be engaged to provide additional, on-going, support for detailed planning, implementation and production.

As such, organizations and individuals within the OpenHIE community can provide countries various levels of support as they navigate this activity within their country.  Not only can members of the community provide direct technical expertise, we can also serve as neutral advisors, facilitators, and consultants to in-country stakeholder consensus building processes.

Members of the OpenHIE community can help with the following:


  1. Identifying and learning from the key stakeholders within a data sharing enterprise

  2. Helping to develop decision-making models that empower key stakeholders to influence and shape the data exchange over time

  3. Provide various examples of governance models that have been implemented in other countries

  4. Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of various governance models for a given environment

  5. Facilitate early engagements of newly formed governance structures, as a neutral third party

Policy Development

Technical Design

Use Case Iteration

Operationalizing Strategies and Implementation Technical Assistance (Support)

Training and Capacity Building Activities

Next steps

Call to Action - How to Engage

All of the dimensions of support described above are fundamental to effective health data sharing planning processes.  In our experience however, countries and individuals who lead within those countries have unique support needs, which necessitates a tailored support strategy.  We appreciate the financial and human resource constraints countries face as they develop their national health data sharing strategies.  As such, we attempt to provide various levels of community-based and individual support services, based upon the evolving needs over time.  Community-based services are by their nature free to the community, and supported by community volunteers who support the values and mission of OpenHIE.   When there’s a need for dedicated, focused, more intensive support, members of the OpenHIE community are available as part of a paid, consultative relationship.

Community-based support services occur through the following methods:

Consulting, support and training services are provided by an ecosystem of organizations, subject matter experts, and teams from around the world. Working with them ensures familiarity with OHIE and a commitment to __ principles and using all of OHIEs expertise and experience to support your initiatives success.

Examples of additional services include: