What is it and why have it?  

When software is being managed, it is helpful to know what patches or changes have been applied.  A change log can help with that.  Without a change log, it is difficult to trace back to see what happened when and why. 

Example Process

The following is an example process that is used by the DATIM team.  

  1.  For each server being managed, a change log is established.  In the case of DATIM, the change log is stored in the repo. 
  2. Once the log is created, new entries are added each time a change is made to that system.  The log entries include the following information:  

 Example Entry:  

## [Maintenance Release_Month Day, Year]( link to the ticket for the release)

* Packages updated: aws-cli, curl, kernel, openssl, python26-boto, python27-boto

* [#XXXX](https://github.com/yyy/issues/XXXX) Topic

* [#XXXX](https://github.com/yyy/issues/XXXX) Topic