The official version of the OHIE workflows can be found in the OpenHIE Architecture Specification.


Description: This transaction allows a PoS, or any OHIE component, to access terminological information in the terminology service to query for Value Sets.  A typical example would be to request the set of Value Sets defined by WHO.

Both external systems and systems inside the HIE may perform this transaction directly with the TS.  The sequence diagram below shows the steps that occur for a system using this transaction.   

  1. Query ValueSets: What Value Sets have a publisher name that contains 'WHO'?

Sponsor:  Jack Bowie

Status:  This operation has been extensively tested in FHIR Connectathons. 

Referenced Standards and APIs

Assumptions and Prerequisites


title Query Value Set 
participant PoS
participant TS

PoS->TS: [1] Query Value Set request
TS->PoS: [2] Query Value Set response 

Technical details

Below enter each interaction that makes up the described workflow above.

RefInteractionEndpointDataTransaction Specification
1Query ValueSet requestTS

The Value Set search request is triggered by a PoS or other HIE component.

Input: A set of FHIR search parameters.

FHIR ValueSet Resource
2.Query Value Set responsePoSThe response is sent back to the requesting system. Output: a Bundle of ValueSet Resources that satisfy the search parameters. FHIR ValueSet Resource