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Academy Logos

The original EPS format can be found here.  The original SVG format can be found here.


Primary ColorsRGBCMYKWEB

R: 83 G: 198 B: 6358.08C 0M 68.18Y 22.35K#53C63F

R: 0 G: 159 B: 200100C 20.5M 0Y 21.57K#009FC8
Secondary ColorsRGBCMYKWeb

R: 56 G: 132 B: 6357.58C 0M 52.27Y 48.24K#38843F

R: 26 G: 116 B: 14782.31C 21.09M 0Y 42.35B#1A7493

R: 255 G: 255 B: 2550C 0M 0Y 0B#FFFFFF

R:51 G: 51 B: 510C 0M 0Y 80B#333333

*Secondary colors are to be used for presentations and other visual tools.


OpenSans Dark Grey (#333333) (*HIE in bold)