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  • April 3
    • Health Financing Deep Dive
      1-2 pm UTC / 9-10 am ET
    • Uwe Wahser, Dragos Dobre & Saurav Bhattarai (openIMIS Initiative professionals & leads of OHIE Health Financing subcommunity) have been championing efforts in the community to build resources in support of country developed financing plans & will be facilitating the next OpenHIE Implementers Network (OHIN) on Wednesday 3 April from 1-2 pm UTC / 9-10 am ET.

      This session will focus on the interoperability between health systems and financing approaches. The facilitators will share updates from the landscape of health financing in HIE, including scenarios involving OpenIMIS.

      We want to hear from you! Come to this session with your health financing workflow questions and ready to learn from real-world use cases! Your knowledge can help influence the direction of health financing resources in support of country HIE implementations.

Previous Calls

  • February 7
    • Privacy & Security Deep Dive
    • Michael Markevich (Security Lead at DHIS2 & OHIE Privacy & Security sub-community lead) champions efforts in the community to build resources in support of country developed security plans & facilitated this OHIN call.

      This session focused on bringing the community together to discuss the importance of privacy and security, the next steps we should be taking as a community and hearing real use cases from data exchange implementers. We were joined by community members with organizations like PHIS3 and the Palladium Group who brought their perspective of work in supporting digital health systems in Nigeria and the OpenMRS distribution system in Kenya! 

       Implementers came to share their experiences and needs around privacy and security. Their knowledge can help influence the direction of privacy and security resources in support of country HIE implementations.

      During this call we:

      1. Discussed the importance of thinking about the implications of P&S as part of the overall HIE framework
      2. Reviewed shared data access agreement as an example of a type of resource that could be created.
      3. Heard from country implementations sharing their technical, organizational, or regulatory use cases

  • Feb 16 

    • Ethiopia: Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital HIE Roadmap

  • March: 29 

    • OpenHIE on the Ground with AeHIN: 

      Using the OHIE Academy in the Real-world by the UP Manila Standards and Interoperability Lab (UPM-SILab) - a member of the AeHIN Community of Interoperability Labs

    • The University of the Philippines Manila Standards and Interoperability Lab, a member of the Asia eHealth Information Network Community of Interoperability Labs, a partner organization of OpenHIE, shared about how the university is leveraging the OHIE Academy to fast track capacity-building in the Philippines and in Asia.

    • In addition to giving an overview of their organization and experiences in Asia, Dr Alvin Marcelo of UPM-SILab and AeHIN, will also share about their plans for 2023 and how OHIE plays a key role in their partnerships with government and the private sector.

  • Aug: 

    • RECAINSA – Health Information Exchange in Latin America: Advances and Challenges

    • Hosted by an OpenHIE partner organization, RECAINSA who shared about their organization & the Health Information Exchange landscape in Latin America.

  • September: 20 

    • Community Health Toolkit Interoperability based on the OpenHIE Architecture & FHIR standards

    • A technical showcase from OpenHIM. Philip Mwago & Njuguna Ndung’u showcased how the Community Health Toolkit (CHT) can exchange data with external systems based on the OpenHIE architecture, briefly introduce Medic, and overview the CHT-Interoperability reference application. The overview included where it has been deployed and the need for enhancements, including interoperability

  • October: 5
    • Considering Gender & Equity in Your HIE Projects
    • Jaslyn Reader with GIZ shared about Gender Action Planning in HIE Projects. 

      Jaslyn shared core themes for gender transformative change and training as well as topics around pain points and insights in the digital health systems. This group learned more and discussed how to bring in a feminist lens to this work. 

  • November: 20
    • Virtual Unconference Sessions 
    • An event for OpenHIE community members to continue conversations from OHIE23 & allow those who were unable to travel for OHIE23 an opportunity to connect on these ongoing conversations as well as participate with other members on new conversations. These discussion-based sessions will help the community to continue to work on the areas of most interest to them and their work & it will also highlight the topics the community wants to learn more about in the next year. 

  • November 27
    • Implementers Network: IOL Deep Dive 

    • Community members from Jembi & Symbionix shared updates from the Interoperability Layer sub-community and IOL designs and implementations. Community members learned about the current state of IOL efforts and saw some new features from OpenHIM!

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OpenHIE supports a collaborative space for those leveraging electronic health information by standardizing it in environments with constrained resources.

The OpenHIE Implementers Network (OHIN) provides a peer-learning forum for implementers to engage with one another, interact with the OpenHIE community, and create bridges between networks through OpenHIE hosted events. OHIN events are open to everyone, with special emphasis for the work of country implementers, domain experts, and developers wanting to adopt and implement OpenHIE standards.

What do typical OHIN events look like and how can I participate

OHIN takes place in the form of open, virtual meetings held throughout the year, showcasing OpenHIE implementations, technical demonstrations, and other topics of interest to the community. In addition, resources and updates surrounding the community are also shared. Following these main meeting topics, space is also saved for attendees to share insights and challenges they are experiencing.

Community members are encouraged to bring questions, problems, and ideas unique to implementing the OpenHIE Architecture and tools to these meetings to take advantage of the peer-learning network.

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